6 Online Communities About Data Scraping Services You Should Join

Data scraping is a dynamic and challenging field, so it is critical to have a support system. With countless popular web scraping frameworks/libraries and websites continuously trying to block you, having a community of experienced and skilled web scrapers to guide you significantly enhances your odds of success in this field.

You just need to know where to locate them. In today’s guide, we will inform you about six online communities about data scraping services. By joining these communities, you can stay updated on the latest trends and get your queries answered when you face problems.  

6 Online Communities About Data Scraping Services You Should Join

Here are the six digital communities anyone learning web scraping and data science should join.

  1. r/WebScraping Subreddit

WebScraping is the best web scraping subreddit. It is the largest subreddit dedicated to all things related to data extraction services.

With more than 16,000 members and a highly active community, this subreddit is an excellent place to stay informed about the latest web scraping news. Besides, it can provide help if you face challenges with a particular website.

You can find advice or resources on anything from:

  • How to bypass anti-bots?
  • How to set up a scraping infrastructure for the hardest websites?
  • How to use specific data scraping libraries?
  • What are the best web scraping services USA?

If you can’t find an answer to your query, you can post your own, and community members will assist you.

  1. r/Scrapy

r/Scrapy is the best subreddit exclusively dedicated to everything related to Python Scrapy, the most popular and powerful web scraping framework for Python. The r/Scrapy is Scrapy Framework’s official community center.

It is the ideal place to share Scrapy extensions, spiders, articles, and other resources. Many of Scrapy’s original creators and current maintainers are active daily on the subreddit. Therefore, if you have an issue related to Scrapy, the Scrapy subreddit is an outstanding place to seek help.

  1. r/Selenium

While not dedicated to website scraping services, the r/Selenium is a great community to join if you use Selenium as a part of your data extraction stack. It is a large and highly active subreddit dedicated to assisting you in effectively using Selenium in your web scraping and automation tasks.

In this subreddit, you can get help with specific matters related to Selenium, including setup, configuration, and scalability, from a helpful and experienced community.

  1. r/Puppeteer

r/Puppeteer is a small but incredibly helpful subreddit. It is dedicated to assisting you in setting up, configuring, and using Puppeteer in your best web scraping services and automation stacks. This subreddit is an excellent resource for getting help on topics such as:

  • How to test Chrome extensions with Puppeteer?
  • How to debug Puppeteer with vscode?
  • Effective scaling tactics for Puppeteer headless browsers
  1. Scraping Enthusiasts Discord Server

If you could join only one website scraping services community, you must become a part of the Scraping Enthusiasts Discord Server. Scraping Enthusiasts boasts a big and active discord server filled with valuable web scraping resources and expert web scrapers who can aid you in acquiring the data you need.

What sets Scraping Enthusiasts apart from other communities is their expertise in bypassing anti-bot countermeasures. The server has various lead maintainers from the puppeteer-extra team responsible for developing puppeteer-extra-plugin-stealth. It also has many other experienced anti-bot reserve engineers.

  1. r/ProxiesTalk

Though r/ProxiesTalk is a small subreddit, it is an outstanding place to discover good proxies that work and are affordable. Sometimes, when we search for data extraction proxies, we end up on the same platforms, such as ScraperAPI, Scrapingbee, Bright Data, and Oxylabs.

However, hundreds of other proxy providers are available in the market that offers the same performance but at a lower price. r/ProxiesTalk is the best place to locate them. So, if you are looking for a specific kind of proxy, such as IPV6, SOCKS, or IPV$, and are open to exploring lesser-known options, make sure to visit r/ProxiesTalk.


The world of web scraping is constantly changing. So, whether you are a developer building tools or a researcher collecting data for analysis, you must join the above-mentioned online communities about web scraping to significantly boost your knowledge and expertise. 

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Published on 18 Aug, 2023