7 Best Craigslist Scrapers In 2023 and How To Scrape Data

Craigslist is a prevalent digital platform where you can discover jobs and rental accommodations and purchase and sell products and services. It is one of those websites that has a wealth of valuable data, making it a primary target for Craigslist data scraping.

However, scraping information from Craigslist is a notoriously difficult task because of its API operating in reverse, which permits posting, even in bulk, but does not allow you to pull any information for read-only.

Besides, manually looking through Craigslist listings can be an uphill and time-consuming task, particularly when you are seeking something specific. This is where Craigslist data scrapers prove to be useful.

With a scraper’s help, you can mine the required data from several Craigslist listings at the same time. In today’s blog, we will tell you about the 7 best Craigslist data scrapers and how to scrape Craigslist data.

7 Best Craigslist Scrapers in 2023

Here are some of the finest Craigslist data scrapers we have found the best this year.

  • Oxylabs

Oxylabs makes it extremely easy for beginners to scrape all the data they require from Craigslist, even if they don’t have enough tech experience and don’t know how to code. It allows you to scrape information from Craigslist anonymously and securely.

They have a user-friendly service and offer remarkable customer support. They aspire to help you to turn web pages into nicely structured spreadsheets within a few clicks. Best of all, you can try this scraper for free for 7 days.

  • Phantombuster

Phantombuster is the finest Craigslist data scraper that lets you scrape data from Craigslist safely and anonymously. This powerful tool offers support through its chat box.

They provide an anonymous and secure solution that has a tutorial that you can use to learn how to use their features for your benefit and have updates constantly on their features, so you are forever taking advantage of the newest technology.

  • Cloud Crawler

It is another exceptional scraper for scraping Craigslist that functions like a spider in the cloud. It assists you in extracting information from Craigslist fast and effectively.

They provide numerous features that can aid you in tailoring your scraping experience. If you have coding skills, it is really good. Cloud Crawler has outstanding customer support, guaranteeing that you have an enjoyable and smooth experience.

  • Python Craigslist Scraper

Python Craigslist Scraper is a great open-source scraper that is easier to use and comprehend. It is free and coded in one of the easiest programming languages for you to learn.

This makes it one of the most fun and popular Craigslist scrapers in the market.

  • Scrapy

Scrapy is an adaptable and powerful web scraping framework that enables you to scrape information from many sites, including Craigslist. It provides numerous options and features, including user-agent rotation, several requests, and more.

Scrapy is free to use and easier to configure and provides tutorials around scraping data from certain websites.

  • Apify

If you are searching for web scraping tools, Apify is a perfect option. It is a free, easier-to-use, and comprehending tool that empowers you to scrape posts based on whatever you are seeking.

It assists you in extracting and downloading multiple URLs and posted images, prices, and dates. You can also schedule the crawler to work faster.

  • Bright Data

Bright Data offers a specified Craigslist scraper that instantly crawls publicly available information. With this tool, you can scrape data from Craigslist without being distressed about getting banned or blocked. They offer 24/7 support, making sure that you have a seamless experience.

How To Scrape Craigslist Data?

Scraping data from Craigslist is an easy and simple procedure. First, you need to pick a Craigslist scraper that meets your requirements. After choosing a scraper, give it the search criteria you aspire to use. This can consist of category, locality, and keywords.

After giving it the search criteria, it will extract the information, such as descriptions, images, titles, prices, etc., from Craigslist listings that match your search criteria. You can then filter the data according to your preferences and save it to a database or a file.


Scraping Craigslist data can be an intricate task because of the measures taken by the platform to inhibit it. However, the 7 Craigslist data scrapers we listed in this guide can assist you in extracting information discreetly and safely.

They provide a variety of features that can aid in personalizing your scraping experience, ensuring that you procure the information you require. If you are looking for professional Craigslist scraping services, you can count on Scraping Home.

We have an experienced team to help you through the entire procedure and achieve your objectives as a realtor. Contact us today, and let’s see how we can assist you through our services.

Published on 15 Apr, 2023