How to Build a Successful SMS Marketing Campaign Step by Step

Every business comes to a point where marketing has to deliver results. Initially, you may only do it to get recognized, but later you need conversions. You explore the channels, possibilities, and everything else for a successful marketing campaign. This is when SMS marketing comes in very handy for many businesses. 

For example, real estate, restaurants, small businesses, and many have had a successful campaign recently. If you are running a similar business and your target audience is always on the phone, the right SMS marketing services are the best choice for you. 

8 Major Steps for Creating a Successful SMS Marketing Campaign

Utilizing SMS marketing proves highly effective in connecting with customers and establishing brand recognition on a more personal level. Here are the steps to create a successful SMS marketing campaign:

  1. Conceptualize your SMS marketing strategy: 

Make a detailed list of the materials you'll need for SMS marketing success. Do you need integrations with your CRM Customer Data Platform (CDP) or other marketing automation solutions? Is future scalability crucial to you, such as supporting the rise of SMS marketing to XX volumes in YY countries in ZZ years? How about ensuring regulatory compliance while also creating customer trust? 

  1. Define your target audience: 

Determine your target audience and categorize them by their demographic information, interests, and behavior before you go straight for the SMS lead generation. This will help you tailor your messages and increase engagement. Based on the market, you can also understand the language your customer speaks and talk to them in it. 

  1. Build your SMS list: 

Collect phone numbers from clients who have indicated an interest in receiving your message. Obtain explicit consent and provide a simple opt-out option.

  1. Craft your message: 

Keep your message brief, clear, and interesting. Use a conversational tone and include the recipient's name in your message. Include a strong call to action as well as a sense of urgency.

  1. Choose the right SMS marketing app: 

Choose a low-cost SMS marketing app that suits your demands and integrates with your existing tools. Look for automation, segmentation, and analytics features.

  1. Test and optimize your campaign: 

To find out what works best for your audience, experiment with different kinds of messages, timing, and frequency. Track your outcomes with analytics and optimize your campaign accordingly.

  1. Ensure compliance with regulations: 

It is critical to follow standards such as the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) and the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Obtain unambiguous consent, provide an easy opt-out option, and prevent sending messages over the agreed-upon time limit.

  1. Launch your comprehensive SMS marketing strategy: 

A well-thought-out strategy of SMS Marketing for Small Businesses will give you a road map for success and help ensure that the results meet or exceed your expectations. Twilio's SMS for Marketing Ebook includes everything you need to know to design and implement a comprehensive SMS marketing strategy.

How do you track the success of your SMS marketing campaign?

Tracking the success of your SMS marketing services campaign is essential to optimize your SMS messages for the best results. Below are some key metrics that you can track to measure the effectiveness of your SMS marketing campaign:

  1. Delivery rate: 

This metric compares the number of messages sent successfully to their intended recipients to those that were blocked or failed. A poor delivery rate could indicate that the letters were delivered to invalid numbers or were blocked by the carrier or recipient.

  1. Conversion rate: 

This indicator counts the number of purchases or other conversions that occurred as a result of a text message marketing campaign. Divide the number of conversions by the number of messages sent to arrive at this value.

  1. Revenue: 

This number totals the revenue made by your SMS marketing campaign. To receive a complete picture of your channel's impact on the customer lifecycle, you can segment revenue by message type and campaign type.

  1. Response rate: 

This indicator counts the number of people who replied to your message. Divide the number of responses by the number of messages delivered to arrive at this metric.

  1. Click-through rate: 

This indicator counts how many recipients clicked on a link in your message. Divide the number of clicks by the number of messages sent to arrive at this value.

  1. Unsubscribe rate: 

This metric counts the number of recipients who have chosen not to receive messages from your company. A high unsubscribe rate may suggest that your messages are not being received by your target audience.

  1. ROI: 

This measure computes the return on investment of your SMS marketing campaign. To calculate this metric, divide the money generated by the cost of the campaign.

How do you calculate the response rate for an SMS campaign?

To get the response rate for an SMS campaign, divide the number of people who responded to your message by the total number of messages delivered, then multiply by 100.

If you sent 1,000 messages and received 100 responses, your response rate is 10%. It is vital to note that response rates vary depending on the sort of communication, the timing of the message, and the audience you are attempting to reach.

You can gauge the performance of your SMS campaign and adapt your plan accordingly to optimize future campaigns by measuring the response rate.

Bottom Line 

Finally, you need to handle all the SMS marketing steps carefully. From getting an understanding of your target audience to launching the campaign, just keep a check on each step. Always remember to track the success and failure rates for your campaigns. It helps you build a solid foundation based on true analysis. 

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Published on 28 Sep, 2023