What Is The Best Way To Scrape Zillow Data

What Is The Best Way To Scrape Zillow Data?

Scraping data from Zillow has become a critical tool for real estate corporations, researchers, and investors. It is one of the most massive and comprehensive real estate sites globally.

Its database features more than 110 million properties, covering everything from multi-unit apartment buildings to single-family houses. It provides a great amount of valuable data about every property, including its neighborhood characteristics, estimated worth, and price history.

Realtors can gain insights into local housing markets by extracting data from Zillow, pinpointing investment opportunities, and making knowledgeable verdicts about selling and purchasing properties.

However, manually gathering and evaluating this data is ineffective and time-consuming. Therefore, many folks turn to scrape, the procedure of automatically extracting valuable data from sites. Today’s guide will tell you the best ways to scrape Zillow data.

How To Scrape Data From Zillow?

There are many ways to scrape Zillow data, each with its own advantages and downsides. Let’s discover the most effective options:

  • Use Python and BeautifulSoup

One of the finest methods to scrape Zillow data is using BeautifulSoup and Python. Python is a commonly used programming language for developing scrapers, and BeautifulSoup is a powerful library that can parse XML and HTML documents. Using BeautifulSoup and Python, you can extract data from individual property listings and search results pages and also get real estate professionals’ information.

To commence scraping Zillow using BeautifulSoup and Python, you need to perform a search on Zillow and acquire the search results page’s URL. Then, you have to download the page’s HTML code with the requests library. After having the HTML code, you can parse it with BeautifulSoup and extract the required information.

Then, you can export that information to a CVS file for further examination. Nevertheless, scraping Zillow using BeautifulSoup and Python comes with its trials. Zillow takes advantage of anti-scraping techniques, such as IP blocking, honeypot traps, etc., to inhibit their data from scraping.

To avoid these techniques, you will have to rotate your IP address or use a proxy server. Moreover, the terms of use of Zillow forbid automated access to their website, which means you might be violating their terms of use by scraping their information.

  • Use Visual No-Code Scrapers

One of the easiest methods to scrape Zillow data is to use a visual no-code scraper like Bardeen. Using a simple interface, these tools let you extract data from sites without any programming knowledge. Using Bardeen, you can extract information from Zillow and other real estate platforms, gain market insights, simplify daily workflows, and run outreach campaigns.

This Zillow data scraper can aid you in scraping a list of properties from Zillow and extracting comprehensive information from search results pages and individual property pages, like the square footage, the number of bathrooms, and bedrooms. To use Bardeen, create an account, navigate to the Zillow site, and choose the data you aspire to extract.

It will automatically scrape the information and export it to a CVS file for further exploration. There are also paid no-code scraping tools available for individuals who require more advanced features. These tools include Parsehub, Octoparse, etc.

They function similarly to Bardeen, permitting users to extract data from Zillow and other platforms without any coding needed. However, remember, using a no-code tool may also not wholly comply with the terms of use of Zillow.

  • Use Zillow APIs

Zillow provides a set of APIs that can be used to access Zillow data through API requests. Using the Zillow API, you can access Zillow’s database of properties, real estate professionals, mortgages, and other useful features.

You can integrate Zillow data directly into your apps, like a smartphone app or real estate site. It is an excellent option for people with coding skills who wish to personalize their scraping procedure.

Using the Zillow API is a legitimate and ethical approach to accessing Zillow data as long as you adhere to Zillow’s terms of use. It provides real-time information, which is beneficial for staying informed on new property listings and industry trends.


There are various methods to scrape Zillow data, including the Zillow API, Python and BeautifulSoup, visual no-code scrapers, etc. Each method has its perks and downsides, so you should pick the method that best fits your needs. If you are looking for a dependable real estate web scraping company, Scraping Home is a perfect choice. We provide exceptional Zillow scraping, data scraping, SMS campaigns, and many other services. We aim to guarantee customer satisfaction and offer real estate finder agents exact and accurate data.

Published on 17 Apr, 2023