How to Create an Effective SMS Marketing Campaign

Consumers nowadays are always on their phones. They use their smartphones almost 2,600 times per day. That is, they read and open more than 90% of SMS messages. They usually open SMS messages within 3 minutes after receiving them.

SMS marketing services appear to be exactly what it sounds like: promotion via SMS messaging. But that's not all. When done correctly, SMS marketing boosts sales, keeps consumers happy, wins great reviews, and allows your business to flourish without limits. It's inexpensive, accessible, and surprisingly popular with audiences all across the world. Want to learn more about it? We have this comprehensive guide for you. 

But What is SMS Marketing?

SMS marketing makes use of short messaging service (SMS) text messages to build relationships and satisfy clients. Text marketers prioritize courteous and compliant contact with their target audience. They generate leads and interest in items and services by authoring positioning, graphics, and click-to-purchase buttons. 

How do You Use SMS Marketing?

It is a powerful and direct approach to reach customers since more than 90% of SMS messages are opened and read within three minutes of receipt. Here are some efficient SMS Marketing tips for you to follow:

  • Build a Subscriber List:

It is illegal in the United States and Canada to text someone who has not provided explicit consent to do so. So, before sending an SMS advertising campaign, ensure everyone on your list has permitted you to send messages. Using loyalty software, you may collect customer information and assure compliance.

  • Create Concise and Personalized Messages: 

SMS messages should be clear, brief, and tailored to the individual recipient. SMS messages can be used to promote special deals and events, with a call to action encouraging people to take advantage of the offer.

  • Be Strategic in Your Approach: 

Since timing and frequency are important, you should be deliberate in your approach. SMS should be integrated into your overall marketing strategy and used to supplement other marketing channels. You could, for example, utilize an SMS marketing strategy to promote a social media contest or sale or include a link to your email newsletter in your text messages.

  • Use SMS marketing Software or Templates: 

Automation has evolved from a choice to an essential requirement for smooth SMS marketing services. So, you can find many SMS marketing software and SMS marketing template options with features to help you automate the marketing campaigns and even give you more SMS marketing personalization touch. 

Benefits of Using SMS Marketing for Your Business 

SMS marketing offers many benefits for businesses, especially when you live in a world that relies on phones more than anything.

  • High Open Rates: 

SMS texts have a substantially greater open rate than email, at 98%. Customers are more likely to see and read SMS messages as a result, making it an efficient way to communicate with them.

  • Direct Communication: 

SMS messages are sent straight to users' mobile phones, making it a more personal and direct mode of contact. This can assist firms in developing stronger relationships with their customers.

  • Cost-Effective: 

SMS marketing is a low-cost technique to reach customers because it involves little investment and can be distributed in bulk without cost. As a result, it is an appealing solution for small firms with limited marketing costs.

  • Increased Customer Engagement: 

With better on-hand data, markets get more control over SMS campaign optimization, hence better customer engagement. SMS texts can be used to promote special sales and events, solicit feedback, and share restaurant daily specials. This can assist firms in increasing client engagement and brand loyalty.

  • Greater Audience Reach: 

SMS marketing allows firms to access a significantly bigger customer base than traditional advertising approaches. According to a poll, 91% of consumers express their interest in signing up for text messages from a business, making it an effective way to communicate with clients.

  • Instant Delivery: 

SMS messages are promptly delivered, making them ideal for communicating time-sensitive information such as appointment reminders and delivery notifications. This can assist organizations in improving customer service and decreasing missed appointments.

  • Real-time Tracking: 

Businesses can use SMS marketing to track replies and measure performance in real-time. Businesses can use SMS tracking to see how many individuals received the message, how many opened it, and how many responded. This can assist organizations in refining their marketing plan and increasing their ROI.

Are there any Challenges with SMS?

Yes, while SMS marketing has numerous advantages, there are some drawbacks that organizations should be aware of. Here are some of the difficulties associated with SMS marketing:

  • Permission-Based Marketing: 

It is illegal in the United States and Canada to text someone who has not provided explicit consent to do so. This means that firms must create a subscriber list of prospects who have agreed to receive messages, which might be difficult.

  • Limited Message Length: 

Since SMS messages are bound to 160 characters, businesses must be short and clear in their messaging. This can be difficult when attempting to deliver complex information or advertisements.

  • Timing and Frequency: 

SMS messages should be sent at the appropriate time and frequency to avoid upsetting clients. Businesses must be strategic in their approach to SMS marketing timing and avoid sending out too many messages in too short a time.

  • Opt-out Rates: 

Some clients may choose not to receive SMS messages, reducing the effectiveness of SMS marketing campaigns. Businesses must be aware of opt-out rates and adapt their marketing tactics accordingly.

  • Integration with Other Marketing Channels: 

SMS marketing should be connected with other marketing platforms to establish a holistic marketing plan. This might be difficult for companies unfamiliar with SMS marketing or lacking the capacity to manage several marketing channels.

  • Costs: 

While SMS marketing is often inexpensive, firms may find that they need to invest in SMS marketing software or employ a marketing agency to manage their campaigns. This might be difficult for small enterprises with minimal marketing resources.

Is SMS Marketing Right for Your Business?

In addition to demonstrating that most customers prefer to receive text messages from companies, Klaviyo's consumer sentiment study revealed that 73% of consumers had purchased based on getting a text message from a brand—and more than half of them have done so 2-3 times.

Meanwhile, 95% of consumers subscribe to less than 7 brands via SMS, implying that once you have their phone number, they are eager to hear from you. So, is SMS marketing appropriate for your company? The answer is undoubtedly yes. 

Moreover, it helps with SMS campaign metrics, giving you more clarity on your customer’s stance on your brand. If you're seeking ways to deliver time-sensitive messages, reminders, and notifications, tailor your interactions with customers and create more meaningful, long-term relationships.

SMS Marketing Best Practices

Do you want the best rates of SMS marketing conversion? If yes, then always follow best practices. Here are some SMS marketing best practices to consider:

  1. Get Permission: 

As SMS marketing is a type of permission-based marketing, organizations must compile a list of subscribers who have agreed to receive text messages. This can be accomplished by gathering consumer information and guaranteeing SMS Marketing compliance through the use of loyalty software.

  1. Be Engaging and Concise: 

SMS messages should be interesting, brief, and tailored to the recipient. Businesses can use SMS messages to promote special offers and events, with a call to action encouraging clients to take advantage of the offer.

  1. Be Clear and Set Expectations: 

Always be explicit about how you intend to communicate using SMS. Set those expectations at the point of enrollment, whether you'll send a couple of times a month with promotions or numerous times during an event to keep them informed.

  1. Watch Your Send Frequency: 

Don’t want to make your customers hate you every time they see your brand’s name on the screen. So, timing is everything. Businesses must be strategic in their approach because timing and frequency are important. To avoid upsetting clients, they must avoid sending too many messages frequently.

  1. Personalize Your Campaigns: 

Relevancy can take your graphs out of Mars or at least beyond the market expectations. So, use the information at your disposal to text important information to your connections. Combining SMS and email marketing is one of the top SMS text message marketing best practices.

  1. Comply with Industry Guidelines: 

SMS marketing should adhere to industry standards and laws. Businesses should expressly request permission before using SMS messages targeting the audience and save proof that their clients have agreed to receive SMS marketing.

  1. Integrate SMS with other marketing channels: 

SMS marketing should be integrated into how, when, and where a company communicates with its customers. A multichannel approach can assist firms in interacting with customers over multiple channels, such as email and social media.

Role of Data Scraping in SMS Campaign Planning

Data scraping can assist firms in extracting relevant phone number lists for SMS marketing campaigns, which can be useful in SMS marketing. Not sure how? Here are the ways:

  1. Extracting phone numbers
  2. Gathering customer data
  3. Competitive analysis
  4. Automating data collection

Common Case studies of SMS Marketing and its Success

Looking for a popular SMS marketing case study? Although Many businesses have gotten the best results from SMS, the most popular case studies of SMS marketing success are:

  1. Game of Thrones: 

Game of Thrones used SMS marketing to promote the show, and each episode received an average of 18.6 million viewers. They used SMS to offer fans exclusive information and reminders, which increased enthusiasm and engagement.

  1. Dunkin' Donuts: 

Dunkin' Donuts promoted a new product via SMS marketing and saw a 21% redemption rate. They used SMS to send clients exclusive discounts and reminders, which increased excitement and engagement.

Bottom Line 

Finally, SMS marketing automation is the future of marketing. You can no longer rely on old schools' methods and need more efficient services. We at Scraping Home have a better understanding of today’s SMS marketing goals. Therefore, we leverage the software that complies with the latest laws. 

Ultimately, we believe in result-driven SMS Marketing Services and are here to offer this. The guide will give you a head start on your expectations; leave the rest to us and enjoy the results.

Published on 25 Oct, 2023